Bud Light Brewed Deep in the Heart

Bud Light is commemorating its presence in the state we call home by introducing their new limited edition Texas packaging. For over 30 years, Bud Light has been serving its product Deep in the Heart of Texas. As a social media content creator, I was selected to help launch their new Texas Bud Light products by incorporating my aesthetic within locations Texans know and love. Two final images were chosen by Bud Light and shared through my own Instagram. By using the hashtags #TXBudLight #partner and tagging @budlight on the images, I was able to present the product to my followers through the social media platform.

Check out the posts on my own Instagram by clicking on the images. 

There’s nothing better than a beautiful December afternoon with some friends, bbq on the grill and ice cold @budlight . Keep an eye out for the new Texas Bud Light coming soon to a store near you! #TXBudLight #partner