UNICO Journal

UNICO Journal is a platform I created to uplift Queer voices of color. As someone with a high level of engagement through my personal social media channels, I tasked myself with creating a platform that didn’t necessary focus on me, but on a marginalized community I care deeply for. I’ve created and recreated the logo for UNICO within the past 3 years and recently relaunched the platform after a year hiatus. I wanted to use soft blues and reds to create a sense of welcoming and security. The simple text is easy to read and straight to the point. Less is more. Furthermore, the experience doesn’t stop with design, but with the stories and pictures of the featured individuals. To get a full sense of the project please feel free to visit my blog section and the UNICO Journal Instagram.


As part of the relaunch, I created three separate posts repurposing content from past blogs. You can click on the links to get a full sense of the campaign.