mjvc.rocks, Austin, TX

Freelance Designer & Marketing Coordinator

2016 - 2018

Contracted to provide digital marketing, social media management, and creative marketing consulting services to corporate and nonprofit organizations.

  • Built branded experiences and imaginative, original and fresh content, ensuring consistent delivery of quality content materials that engages 20k+ followers through personal Instagram account.

  • Partnered with content, creative, brand and account teams at Mashable, creating video and photographs of venue for SXSW Interactive 2016.

  • Performed social media planning, outreach, layout, content creation, and strategy for the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce increasing audience engagement and followers by 15%. Created social media campaigns for events hosted, sponsored, and represented by the chamber of commerce.

  • Created social media content for Fossil branded products, showcasing fall collection on personal website and Instagram account.

  • Photographed and created content for Christmas campaign on personal Instagram account, presenting content for Panasonic products including headphones and electronic razor.

  • Featured on Instagram’s Suggested User List based on aesthetic feed of personal Instagram account, raising followers from 1K to 22K.

  • Presented social media package to highlight 2017 SXSW concerts and venues, as wells as Austin restaurants and bars, creating photographs, content, and an Instagram website on behalf of Budweiser and Bud Light.

  • Created and presented social media content through personal Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feed for the National Park Foundation during the Find your Park Foundation Expedition 2016. Collaborated with Columbia, REI, Aramark, and Subaru marketing teams.

StartOut, Austin, TX

Marketing Manager


Identified, developed, and deployed marketing and communication strategies and tactics including social media, email, graphic design, community outreach, blogs, and press releases.

  • Created and delivered strategic social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, increasing followers and raising awareness of membership, national chapters, and programs.

    • Free member growth: 10/month, 13% increase.

    • Paid member growth: 90/month, 17% increase.

    • Twitter follower growth: 50/month, 5% increase.

    • LinkedIn follower growth: 45/month, 16% increase.

    • Instagram follower growth: 30/month. 30% increase.

  • Marketed 36 events including, hackathons, Demo Days, Ask Me Anything, Diversity Panels, and the 7th Annual StartOut Awards, generating attendance totaling > 1,400. 50 attendees on average per event.

  • Created marketing print material for programs and events, which included the 7th Annual StartOut Awards.

  • Interviewed members and developed online stories, increasing testimonial database and sharing content expressing members’ positive experiences with StartOut.

  • Interviewed Jeff Tidwell, internationally known founder of “Next For Me,” gaining publication in Forbes.com.

  • Established connection and developed partnerships with Equality For HER and other organizations, generating exposure through the Women Event Series.

  • Delivered success stories and testimonials for StartOut Growth Lab’s Accelerator program, raising awareness to 9 Programs including NetworQ, Investor Portal, Mentorship, and Experts.

  • Created graphics, email campaigns, blogs, and social media for StartOut Rising, providing marketing and communications support to underdeveloped chapters and events.

  • Measured social media metrics and created reports at the end of each week to determine what areas needed support, change, or extra funds to push as paid social.

Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX

Gallery Assistant

2017 - 2018

Assisted the Blanton Museum of Art staff, faculty, and patronage through knowledge of art, museum space, and artwork security.

  • Provided friendly, quality information and orientation to visitors, ensuring a safe and educational experience for all guests. Guided patrons throughout museum and served as a resource of knowledge of artwork.

  • Provided security for the museum's art collection, completing detailed written activity log of unusual activities.

Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, TX

Art Counselor

2016 - 2017

Provided guidance and learning opportunities to enrolled students including ages 6 – 8.

  • Assisted with lesson plans, art making, art projects, theatre acts, sculpture, and recess, helping teachers and other staff members with student education.

  • Equipped students with knowledge to flourish artistically through an unlimited amount of resources which included painting, sculpture, digital design, books, and verbal communication.

  • Used acquired knowledge and skills obtained through the City of Austin Parks and Recreational training, engaging as a role model for the students.