Chelsea and Miguel's Wedding.

This past Saturday was pretty awesome for many reasons, number one being that two of my friends, Chelsea and Miguel, tied the knot. I’ve known these two since they’ve started dating, and looking back only makes me feel old, but in a good way. Being at the wedding was like taking a break from the usual chaos that life comes with on a daily basis. Surrounded by so much love and friends who’ve made an impact in my life in a small Texan town seemed unreal. It was a moment like this, that made me realize that time is going by so fast, but it doesn't matter because I’m surrounded by people who are genuine and caring of one another.

But enough about me, we’re here to focus on what an amazing pair Chelsea and Miguel are. If the idea of love didn’t exist before, it does now, and I can only see the best ahead of them.

The setting was gorgeous, with a cool spring breeze, under an enormous, old, oak tree. Everyone was dressed in their best, while the groom and bride glowed with benevolence. The ceremony took place, vows were exchanged, and tears were shed; the good kind of course. Family and friends rejoiced as soon as the couple walked down the aisle and soon after the celebration began. Delicious food made by the couple’s families and the elegant set up were almost dream–like, something aesthetically I’d never experienced before. The golden afternoon light turned into pitch black while we danced the night away with all of our friends, hand in hand, put a stopping point to this chapter in life.

Typing this with tears in my eyes, thinking of everything and all the friendships made possible, because of Chelsea and Miguel, fills my mind with optimism. This is only the beginning to so many other life moments that will make us realize how much we mean to one another.