Day for Night was pretty awesome

Day for Night, what was it? Thinking about it now, it was both an amazing and hectic experience. Lights, sound, rain, smog, music, darkness, and crowds of people with their smartphones on camera mode ready at hand, it was everything an Instagram obsessed millennial like me would want in a 3-day music festival. Thanks to my friends, Javier and Vickie, who let me know about the gig, I was able to attend as a social media influencer with media access included. Several other local social media influencers/ content creators tagged along also to record the experience as part of promoting the event before and during the weekend. From Austin to Houston Texas, Vickie, Javier, and I made our way to the city and into Post HTX (the venue where the event took place) not really knowing what to expect. Prior to the event, I envisioned light installations and some of my favorite musicians like Perfume Genius on stage singing their hearts out, but oh boy was it something else. People of all shapes, colors and sizes wearing their best outfits, light installations which were more like theatrical performances that to understand their complexity one had to see them in person, listening to Tyler, The Creator's sexy voice in the freezing rain  were a few things out of so many that stood out. For a few moments as we walked through the crowds of silhouettes with only smoggy rays of colored light in the distance to guide us, I felt as if we were characters in the latest dystopian Blade Runner 2049 movie or the kids from Stranger Things II as they walked through the underground tunnels hiding from the Demodogs. In other words, the space and sound made me loose myself in a good place. But to be honest, no matter how colorful the image is, the collection of pictures that are included in this blog doesn't do any of the experiences justice. If you ever get the chance to go, seriously just go. Skip the coffee shop before work and accumulate that money for a year, trust me it will be worth it. As a person who loves art, big cities, and good music I recommend it. So here you go, I'm showing you 11 pictures that best describe my time there with all the love. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

Waiting on Tyler, The Creator 

All the pinks

Showering in light under Light Leaks. Work by Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan

Spaceship feels in Cluster. Work by Playmodes

The Giant Liminal Scope. Work by Katherine Brice & Chris Lunney

Waiting for more music. 

Meditating under Ricochet. Work by Matthew Schreiber

We went back to the year 1993 

Telestron by VT Pro. Defenitely my favorite. 

Do as it says