Moeshea at South 1st Street

I got the awesome opportunity to work with my friend Moeshea this past weekend. She agreed to be my model for this shoot, whose fashion sense and style, I really admire. The beating summer heat didn't stop us from roaming the area of south 1st Street here in Austin Texas. I for one think it's underrated, with it's bustling shops, restaurants, and coffee shops, it's always a nice area to explore. 

The photo shoot consisted of finding the perfect colorful walls and staying out of the Texan sun as much as possible. We weren't the only ones taking pictures as we kept running into tourists taking their own. Nevertheless, I was content with what I got and of course I was extremely excited that it was Moeshea who modeled. As our shoot came to an end, we cached up and made a stop at Seventh Flag Coffee on 1st and Monroe St. 

Hope you enjoy the final product as much as I do. Until next time.