Hendrik's Gin Cucumber party

This past week I was invited by Hendrick’s Gin to be part of their Cucumber celebration, an event taking place in different cities across the country to promote their National Cucumber Day, which is on June 14th. Their holiday consists of many things, including an airship, which unfortunately for the city of Austin was not possible due to windy weather. Nonetheless, the event took place at The Market, a bar in downtown Austin with a great view of the city from it’s rooftop bar. Tasty cocktails and good company were all included, all enjoyed in the Austin, cool, spring breezy weather. As a plus for me, I got to meet Fred Parent, one of their brand ambassadors, who gave me a rundown of the specialty drinks being served and more on Hendrik’s Gin mission.

To learn more about Hendrik’s Gin and what they’re doing, check them out at cucumberday.com or at us.hendricksgin.com.


Until next time!